Hello! I started the english edition of architekturvideo.de a year ago to have (in addition to architekturvideo.de) an english-only environnement for my blog posts.

Eric Sturm

Eric Sturm

But to be honest: It is more work than I thought. Currently, I am trying to post 5 to 10 video posts every month (in german). I am doing this in addition to my “normal” job as a webdesigner here in Berlin. Most of the time, I do not find the time to translate my texts into english and to post here to the english version of the blog.

So for the moment, you’re welcome to head over to the german version to see the latest video picks. But I am figuring out a better solution for the english translations within the next months, and hopefully there will be more english video posts here on this page in the future.



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